The blessing of abundance has now become the curse of clutter. How did this happen? When did this happen? You may not know “how” or “when” but you know it isn’t working for you anymore. Even the thought of the organizing process can seem overwhelming; however, once you free yourself of unwanted items you will feel rejuvenated!

We will help you get organized and teach you to stay organized in all your living and working spaces to include:

  • Garage, attic, basement
  • Kitchen area, cabinets, pantry
  • Closet organization
  • Home office
  • Kid’s room
  • Craft room

An organizer will work with you helping you to sort items into categories to discard, donate/consign, sell and/or organize.



If you’re getting ready to move, lightening your load ahead of time makes a world of sense.  Moving offers a unique opportunity to start fresh and create an environment that really works for you and inspires you.  Unnecessary items cost you time and money; two precious commodities when you’re faced with packing up everything you own and moving it with you.  By lightening your load ahead of time, you’ll save the time of packing and unpacking your items and the energy of deciding where to store things in your new home.  In addition, you’ll save the cost of paying movers to pack, transport and unload your unnecessary items.

Space Redefined & Services will conduct an In-Home Consultation to understand your relocation plans and time frame. We offer Home Relocation Services to include:

  • Organize & help determine what to keep, donate, sell, gift or recycle
  • Manage shipments, storage, consignment, donation and discarding of unwanted items
  • Coordinate & supervise post-move waste removal and cleaning
  • Unpack, organize & set up new residence
  • Organize and stage home for showing