“When my father began needing assistance with general organizational and financial tasks, I was referred to Sharon Knowles from Space Redefined & Services by the CPA who prepares his taxes. Sharon was able to quickly step in to help him organize his tax documentation so that his returns could be filed on time. In the process of doing so, she was able to get a firsthand look into his struggle to keep organized and on top of routine tasks that he had been doing successfully for many years such as tax preparation, bill paying, and rental house management. I live in North Carolina and helped where I could, but I was not able to provide the regular and ongoing assistance that he needed due to advancing age and the onset of dementia.

Sharon was able to “assess the mess” and provide order to what had become unmanageable for my dad. In doing so, she found unpaid bills, undeposited rental checks and a general state of disorder. With her assistance, we were able to get him organized and current with his financial tasks. We continued to engage Sharon’s services over several years as his health declined and she became more actively involved in helping him with his finances. This included working with him to pay bills, make deposits, and by working with me to gather the information needed to ultimately transition his finances to me as his attorney in fact when he needed to move into assisted living.

Sharon also assisted him with many other tasks while he still lived at home including shopping, meal planning and preparation, and other activities of daily living. She arranged needed medical and dental appointments and made sure that he got to them when scheduled. She also assisted with anything else that came up related to the home including repairs when needed. In short, her support allowed my father to live in his home for several years longer that he would have been able to otherwise.

When the time came that he needed to move to assisted living, Sharon facilitated in the process many ways. She took him to tour several facilities and helped to get him more comfortable with the idea of leaving his home. When the time came, Sharon arranged his move into the assisted living facility we had chosen and physically moved him and his belongings to his new home. She did this a second time a year later when it became necessary to move him again. During this time, she also helped me to look over and manage his now vacant home.

There is not enough that I can say about Sharon’s services during this difficult period for our family. She did anything and everything that was needed, was very proactive, and (most importantly) was 100% reliable and trustworthy. It is hard to let someone else step into a family member’s life, but Sharon did the job as well as it could possibly be done and was incredibly helpful to my dad and our family.”

Steve Jones
Cornelius, NC

“Hi, Sharon. I just came today to my condo since you have cleaned my place. Thank you! Thank you! I am so happy with the service you provided. Tracy was right on. I will be in touch in the future.”

Ocean City, MD

“I had the pleasure of working with Sharon Knowles, owner of Arrange the Change and Space Redefined & Services. My home had become unbearable for any visitor and quite frankly, for myself to continue to live under the conditions that I had gotten myself into. I had to admit to myself that I was struggling to take care of my home and pets. Everything became so overwhelming for me and the smallest task, became major.

I had met Sharon through the Chamber of Commerce of Ocean Pines. Much time had passed, before I got up my nerve to call her. Finally, in February 2016, I texted Sharon on a Sunday evening around 10 p.m. I basically told her my situation and that I needed help. The next day Sharon and I met so she could assess my situation. While Sharon was doing the walk thru of my house, I sat on the porch and cried, because I was so embarrassed that things had gotten so out of hand.

Sharon approached me on the porch and was extremely compassionate, empathetic, and genuinely caring. She immediately developed a plan for me to have repairs done, clothes organized, and the accumulation of unneeded stuff removed from my home. This was a joint effort and never did I feel any pressure or negativity from her. One of the wonderful things about Sharon is she acts quickly and will arrange for the removal of furniture, collectibles, trash, clothes, etc. Sharon typically takes the salvageable items to a charity of your choice. This process made it so easy for me, since I was already struggling to take care of my home and had let things get so far behind.

Sharon had me pretty-well organized within a couple of weeks, so we could then begin the home repairs. Due to pet damage, I needed all new flooring, painting, cleaning, etc. Sharon arranged all of this for me and made certain that all repairs were on a schedule and completed to my satisfaction in a timely manner. Everything was done to perfection and I got my life back, thanks to Sharon’s direction and recommendations. I never once felt judged or ridiculed for my neglect. If your situation is anything like what happened to me, I highly recommend contacting Sharon Knowles.”

Ocean Pines, MD